I've always felt so blessed to be surrounded by a community of healers, seekers, light workers and empaths. 

Generally, when I scroll through my social media, I am met with positivity, inspired messages, vulnerable thoughts and supportive containers. I am so grateful for this.

Recently,  I am starting to see some cracks. Is this a new social media algorithm? Or is the collective energy slipping? Fear seems to be fueling division, and some days I'm left feeling deflated and worried about what the future holds for us and our children. Between COVID-19, profound social movements and an intense political atmosphere, there seems to be plenty for people to spout off about these days.

I have to step back and remind myself that fear is contagious. I remind myself that I cannot live in alignment and fear at the same time. I remind myself that my voice is powerful, and can lend itself as equally to light as to darkness. 

I step back and I remind myself that my voice is most powerful when it is speaking from alignment. If I am defensive, I'm not aligned. If I am reactive, I am not aligned. If I am swimming in a sea of fear based thoughts/conspiracy theories/anxiety, I am not aligned. 

I step back and remind myself that sometimes my silence is more powerful than speaking.

I step back and get clear. I meditate.  I listen to inspiring music or speakers. I take a nap. Or I just focus on something else for awhile. I seek ways to contribute that resonate with my higher self. 

Or, at least I try. Admittedly,  this is a practice that I have not yet perfected. My goal is to speak from a place of love. Of empathy. Of aligned connection. And when someone shares a different view, my goal is to hold space for that person, knowing that being heard is a very healing experience. I may share my perspective if it is safe and welcome and I am able to speak from my heart. 

Amazonite is the stone of Courage and Truth. It empowers one to discover one's own truth and integrity, moving beyond fear of judgement to live in alignment. Amazonite activates the Heart Chakra.

Amazonite will assist in the process of engaging from an aligned state, will help you to recognize when to step back, when to speak and when to exercise the power of silence. 

Amazonite will remind you that we are all connected, and to love everyone, regardless of their personal experience.  

This 108 bead Mala features 6mm Amazonite beads and a beautiful ombre tassel. 

Let go of fear. Be kind to one another. 

**this item is made to order. Please allow 1-3 weeks for delivery**

Aligned Voice Mala