I've really been feeling the effects of the heightened energy that's been swriling about, tasting of HYSTERIA, panic and fear. COVID-19 has hit us quickly, and these radical changes can feel OVERWHELMING


Turning to my stones for support and relief is a big part of my regular practice. With the heightened emotions of those around me beginning to affect my own ALIGNMENT, I knew I would need to customize something specific to these unique conditions. I needed something to keep me GROUNDED, to protect me from the COLLECTIVE ENERGY and to help me stay clear and POSITIVE about my place in the world.


The DON'T PANIC Wrist Mala was created. I chose to feature the striking Tourmalinated Quartz. This stone is essential and POWERFUL, as it combines the healing properties of two gemstones, Black Tourmaline and Quartz Crystal. The melding of these two minerals creates a powerful healing energy that works together to restore HARMONY and tranquility. Clear Quartz helps to elevate your conscioussnes and bring CLARITY into your life by working as an amplifier, while the Tourmaline works to ground you to the Earth, and absorb and TRANSMUTE any negative energy in your energy and environment. 


I added Lava for both it's grounding properties as well as it's functionality as an ESSENTIAL OIL DIFFUSER. I love that I will be able to add oils - there are so many amazing options for anti-viral, IMMUNE BOOSTING, or calming oils that I will want to combine with this piece. 


Finally, I included a HAMSA HAND. The Hamsa Hand is an ancient Middle Eastern Amulet symbolizing the Hand of God. It has long been used as an Amulet of PROTECTION


This piece also comes with a CHOICE OF A FREE GIFT! You will choose from:


1. A 1oz Spritzer bottle of Sage Water. This can be used for smudging purposes in an environment where smudging with smoke may not be an option. I carry a bottle of this in my purse for an instant spritz of zen on the go. 


2. A bag of loose California Sage with instructions for creating a Sacred Sage Bath


3. Two sticks of Palo Santo. Sourced from a sustainable producer in Ecuador, these Palo Santo smudge sticks offer the same amazing energy clearing powers as the Sage plant.


DON'T PANIC Wrist Mala, with FREE GIFT!