"Turn your wounds into WISDOM." -Oprah Winfrey


It can be a struggle to HEAL old wounds. I have the tendancy to harden around them and tuck them away, distracting myself at the best of times, and using them as an excuse at the worst of times. Sometimes, I don't even know they are there until it's triggered and I'm left with a new layer of the onion to examine. 


I love the serene and gentle healing of Howlite. It allows one to see these wounds more objectively, to gain PERSPECTIVE and to allow for FORGIVENESS; both of oneself and others. Howlite is a stone of AWARENESS, used to release attachments linking old pain to the present. Howlite decreases an overy critical state of mind, stress and anxiety, bringing CALM and relaxation. 


Sandalwood is a Sacred wood that has a gentle scent; it is centering and carries an energy of positivity. 


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Heal These Wounds Wrist Mala