The Onyx Shield Mala is perfect for current times, offering a shield against negative energies and personal energy drain. 


It is also a stone that will assist in ones personal successes. While it can be difficult to stick to our goals when we rarely have to get out of our pyjamas, Onyx is a stone of discipline, aiding one in achieving and "grinding" out their goals. Onyx stimulates good decision making. 


This stone strengthens one's confidence, making the person feel more secure by stabilizing mental and physical imbalances. It will provide the structure that one craves. One will master the creation of their future by making wise decisions and becoming the driving force of their own lives. 


Do you need a little Onyx in your life? 


*This item is made to order. Please contact me directly if you require a rush order. Please allow 1-3 weeks for delivery.*

The Onyx Shield Mala

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