With Valentines Day quickly approaching, I decided to put together a couple of packages that will blow chocolates and roses out of the water. Listen up, these can be a gift of self-love OR an exceptional and unique gift for your partner!

The Intimate and Extraordinary Package #2 begins with a Tantric Necklace in Smoky Quartz. The Tantric Necklace provides the wearer with access to the regenerative and purifying energy of Tantra; the gift of the Divine working within you. Each necklace contains 416 beads, 192 of which are gemstones, intricately woven in a pattern representing the 8 Fold Path of Yoga.

Paired with the Smoky Quartz Tantric Necklace is your choice of a Rose Quartz Massage set, containing a facial massager, wand and gua sha tool OR a set of 3 Yoni Eggs.

And, just because I love you all, I'm also going to throw in a small gemstone heart stone and a bag of loose white Sage with directions on how to create a sexy, sacred Sage Bath for you and your honey. Or you and yourself.

Aaaaaaannnd... because I LOVE love, I'm going to sprinkle it with savings.

*Yoni Egg sets available in Rose Quartz, Obsidian, Nephrite Jade OR a set that has all 3 represented. An additional $25 will be charged for the set containing all three stones. An additional $45 will be charged for a Jade set.*


**The Tantric Necklace is made to order. Please allow up to two weeks for completion. Contact me directly if a rush orer is required.**


Intimate and Extraordinary Package #2