These beautiful bracelets combine the sacred healing energy of Palo Santo and Crystals.

Palo Santo Bursera Graveolens is considered sacred plant medicine and has a long history of use in Central and South America, dating back to ancient times. While it is most well known for its use in spiritual cleansing and purifying, it also has anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties.

The Palo Santo supplier used by Sage Stone Malas does not harvest the trees, but collects naturally dead Palo Santo. The supplier is heavily involved in the sustainable use of Palo Santo, planting thousands of new Palo Santo trees each year.

Please remember to regard your Palo Santo wood with sacred, positive intention.

Palo Santo bracelets usually retail for $35. Get yours for $25 until the end of the weekend AND you will receive a free stick of Palo Santo as well!

Available paired with:

Lapis Lazuli, Dumortierite, Sea Sediment Jasper, Dalmatian Jasper, Bloodstone, Howlite, Indian Agate, Pyrite, Tiger's Eye, Mookaite Jasper, Picasso Jasper, Goldstone or Unakite.

Palo Santo Bracelet

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