The Wolfe Pack Warriors are at it again! This time, with a fundraiser for the Zebra Child Protection Centre titled Sharing Our Hearts for Kids! Two incredible events accompany this fundraiser, more information can be found here


The Sharing Our Hearts for Kids Campaign is a fundraiser for the Zebra Child Protection Centre. Edmonton’s Zebra Child Protection Centre is for children and youth. Together with their partners, they work towards the common goals of supporting children and youth who have experienced abuse and creating a future where every child and youth is heard.


The Sharing Our Hearts for Kids necklace features a Zebra Stone pendant on a 17" silver-plated ball chain. Zebra Stone helps to give a strong sense of security and stability. Zebra Stone can reduce fears and increases courage and determination. It helps one to avoid over-thinking and encourages on to just enjoy the experience of living! 


The Sharing Our Hearts necklace pairs beautifully with the Sharing Our Hearts bracelet AND double wrap bracelet!

Sharing Our Hearts Necklace