Come on a spiritual journey to harness the energy of the LION!


I’m pleased to announce that there are 8 limited edition Starlite© Lionsgate malas & bracelet set that can be purchased website just in time for the Starlite© Lionsgate Portal online fb group meditation & Cocoa Sound Bath healing event Aug 8, 2021! You must join the Starlite© Community on Facebook to be notified when Candice will be going live.


Please follow @sagestonemalas, @starlitewithcamarshall @evimeriashoppe & @loverorganicchocolateto be eligible for a prize win from @EvimeriaShoppe & to find out more about their products!


These gorgeous sets are a co-creation with myself & Candice Anne Marshall of the Starlite Community! We selected the BEST crystal combination to help with elevation of your own spirit to connect with the higher realms, empower your confidence & manifest abundance during this magical time! This set includes:

* A lion charm to protect the back of our neck area where negative attachments tend to cling onto us.

* A gorgeous Citrine chunky feature pendant for manifesting joy & abundance into your life.

* Pyrite - for grounding, protection, & financial abundance!

* TigersEye to work with your solar plexus chakra to trust your gut instincts & to clear any negative blockages and strengthen your spirit.

* Moonstone - to intuitively guide you by connecting to spirit & the energy of the new moon in Leo to manifest creative projects & long lasting partnerships & collaborations.

* Sunstone - perfect for manifesting Joy, balance, & loving relationships of all kinds for yourself & others.


There’ll only be 8 limited edition sets listed on my website. I recommend purchasing ASAP so that it can be shipped to you in time FOR The Starlite© Lionsgate Portal event so you can work on attuning them to your own spirit & energy DURING the event. This is a perfect way to harness the energy of the new moon in Leo ! Rules: you MUST be in the Starlite FB Community to be eligible for the prize win from Evimeria Shoppe & to be able to participate in this 1x a year event as it will all be filmed via FB Live in the group!


Here is the link to the Starlite Community!



Starlite© Lionsgate Malas & Bracelet Set