Release. Align. Empower. Amplify. These are some of my personal intentions as I move into the next decade. I know I am not alone. The wave of seekers and healers swells to new heights and the spiritual revolution is upon us. I am preparing for great energetic shifts, new insights, cosmic connections and elevated consciousness. Release. Align. Empower. Amplify. These are the energies that are brewing within the potion of my latest offering, and I am so excited to share them with you. 


The Ascension Offering combines the energies of plant medicine, healing crystals, sacred geometry, ceremony and meditation. 


Beginning with a Mala and bracelet wrap combo, featuring:

Blue Kyanite, the Stone of Alignment

Labradorite, the Stone of Serendipity and Magic

Amazonite, the Stone of Truth and Courage

Howlite, the Stone of Ease, and;

Clear Quartz, the Amplifier.


The Mala Guru is a vial for holding your favorite essential oil, perfume or sacred water.  Available in two styles, with a Quartz Guru or an Amazonite Guru (see pictures).


Also included in the Ascension Offering is an Intention Setting Ceremony for you to perform in the privacy of your own bathtub. Using Sage Water, Himalayan Salt and a selection of crystals, you will cleanse your spirit and release any unwanted baggage, making room for the energy of your new intentions. The Ceremony package includes a guide book with instructions and journaling prompts, White Sage, a heart shaped Himalyan Salt Rock, 5 healing crystals and an audio file with a guided meditation, co-written and read by hypnotherapist, Dillon Teichroeb of A Beautiful Mind Therapy. 


And finally, the Ascension offering includes an 8” Moon Phases Crystal Grid with a personalized Crystal prescription of 25 stones to use on your grid. You will share with me your goals/obstacles/intentions for 2020 and I will hand select stones fitting to your journey. 


*this item may look slightly different than pictured, as adjustments are made for sizing purposes*


**this item is made to order. Please allow 1-3 weeks for delivery. Please contact me if you require a rush order.**


The Ascension Offering

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