Sekhmet was born of Hathor, goddess of love and music. She took several different forms, most of them very wholesome and protective of the people of Egypt. But whenever Hathor was angry, she would take the form of Sekhmet, the ruthless and frightening lioness and perhaps the ultimate mythological representation of female power.


Sekhmet, whose name may be translated as “she who is powerful,” naturally inspires female empowerment because she bears the immense and ubiquitous heat of the sun, which is the most powerful entity known to humankind.


Her capacity for ferocity is balanced by her role as the goddess of physicians and surgeons, as ancient Egypt’s patron of the healing arts.


The Sekhmet Goddess Collection lights the fire in you. The combined energies of Onyx and Garnet empowers you to strive for greatness with determination and confidence. It casts a shield of protective energy around you, allowing you to live without fear, casting anxiety aside in favor of self-assurance.  This fierce collection is infused with the energy of the sun and the spirit of the lioness. 


The Fire Micro-Mala features 108 4mm Garnet beads, handknotted, with a protective Cross of Agadaz brass pendant.

*this collection is made-to-order. Please allow 1-3 weeks for delivery. If a rush order is required, please contact me directly.*

Sekhmet Goddess Collection - Fire Micro-Mala