The Starlite© Luminary bracelet is a co-creation with Evidential Spirit Medium and Spiritual Healer, Candice Anne Marshall and Annie Marie, creator and CEO of Sage Stone Malas & Meditations!


This beautiful, sparkling, winter-themed men's and women's bracelets were designed specifically for Candice's 'Bringing Heaven 👼 Home for the Holidays' Evidential Spirit Mediumship event on December 20th, 2020 with her clients and guests in mind. Named by Starlite© with Candice Anne Marshall, these beautiful one of a kind bracelets are tailored to meet the spiritual, 'oneness with the Divine' and the 'Luminous, inner light-work' needs of her clients throughout the dark winter months. It is her belief that true growth happens within the soul, beneath the surface, much like the earth's growth beneath the bitter cold and snow in the winter months.


Candice special commissioned these bracelets from Sage Stone Malas for her #Holiday2020 special live online event as a prize giveaway for participants of the event with the idea of them finding their own 'inner light' through nourishment with protection of this deep, reflective inner 'soul work' in mind.


*item may not look exactly as pictured as adjustments are made for sizing.*


**this item is made to order. Please allow from 1-3 weeks for delivery.**

The Starlite© Luminary Bracelet