The Starlite© Protection bracelet is a unique and original co-creation with Evidential Spirit Medium. Psychic, & Spiritual Healer, Candice Anne Marshall and Annie of Sage Stone Malas and Meditations! These beautiful crystal bracelets were designed specifically for empaths, psychics, seers, evidential mediums and spiritual healers to protect them from psychic attack, low vibrational energies/entities and physical drain by helping one access higher realms of love and light. Named after Starlite© with Candice Anne Marshall, these beautiful one of a kind bracelets are tailored to meet the spiritual protective needs of professionals who work in the metaphysical fields. Candice special commissioned these bracelets from Annie for her #Halloween🎃👻 ‘Speaking With Spirits’ live online event as a prize for participants of the event! These are ALL authentic crystal bracelets both for men and women! And now they are available to you!The women's piece contains Garnet, Larvikite, Hematite and Tourmalinated Quartz.The men's piece contains Garnet, Tourmalinated Quartz, Hematite and Black Onyx.

The Starlite© Protection bracelet